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When schools and daycare are closed,
can our kids continue learning?
We believe
Outstanding library of over 70,000 educational activities, games, and videos from world best publishers.
Safe environment where parents have full control of what kids are doing.
Teachers or even parents and grandparents can easily create lessons for kids, and track their progress.
All you need for your child entertainment
and cognitive development!

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3 to 11

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Compatible with Windows 7 and up
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Users reviews
„Well, Kids Home Alone app is strongly recommended by me. It’s not only fun, but first of all it has an indisputable educational value. The games are clever, simple and violence free, so I consider it safe for kids at any age. Try it out, especially now, when we are supposed to stay home.”
Margaret, 42

“Very rarely we are busy enough not to have much time to play with our daughter, and she is eager to try out new games and toys all time. When my wife and myself have to work, we let Agnes to spend an hour or hour and half on the Kids Home Alone platform. It’s not really a game platform, it’s more like a visit in the amusement park or a trip to a carnival.”
Kevin, 39

“It’s not easy to engage the 11-year old boy to stay still for an hour or two. This app has done it! 🙂 Brandon can play chess or checkers or even Sudoku, while I have time to do some houseworks or even have a minute for myself to relax. Thanks!”
Catherine, 40

“Our Tess has some problems with geography and math, somehow it’s a little bit hard for her to learn at school just from the books. She needs more interactive tools. I’ve noticed that arithmetics lessons from Kids Home Alone helps her to better understand math. And suddenly she is more familiar with countries and continents of the world. It’s really worth a shot.”
Bob, 37

“If you really need to let your 4-year-old play with smartphone or tablet, just make sure that you do it wisely. There is a lot of useless junk out there. KHA makes a difference. I’ve checked what it got to offer – some games and apps are intended rather for older kids, but there is some great stuff for children trying to learn shapes, colors or counting. It’s also not very expensive, give it a try if you want.”
Andrew, 39

“When I was a kid and my father brought home the first computer, pointless doodling at some basic graphic tools like Microsoft Paint was the funniest part of my day. I can’t imagine how happy would I be if we had something like Kids Home Alone back in the day! I have to admit, that I play on it with my son, but when he is sleeping, I play Mahjong by myself ;). Cool idea!”
Sally, 33

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Educational activities, games, and videos from world best publishers.
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